The HTC Deisre HD

I thought Id write a quick post about my new phone!

As my friends will know I am something of an Android fan, and have been a big fan of the Galaxy Ace over the last year, but I have been told many times that I was backing the wrong horse with the Galaxy and that I should switch to HTC.

Well I resisted that for some time, because, i will admit it… I liked the look of the Galaxy, I think HTC phones are a little clunky by comparison. Another negative is the OS upgrades take longer to come through on account of HTC addint their own software and tweaks on top of the Android OS.

However, I did tire of the Galaxy’s build quality. It was ok, the phone lasted well enough but I always felt it had a light weight cheap feel to it, whearas the HTC models I have looked at feel (at least a lot more sturdy).

So, this time I went for an HTC, I managed to find a great deal on the HTC Desire HD which apparantly is one of the top selling Android phones at the moment.

Its a bit of a chunky monkey, a lot of phone to carry round in your pocket, but it has some great features. The screen is fantastic, touch sensitivity is good, it has good performance and a good processor on board… there is not much you can fault this phone on.

I have yet to watch an HD movie on this yet, I am sure I will at some point… just to see how good it is, though I am somewhat old fashioned in that I like to use my phone to make calls once in a while!

I remembered to turn Geo Tagging off this time too, which caused me some embarrasement last year when I left it on… I wont go into that one!

Anyway, Ill stop my rambling here, im off to :p

If you want to find a good HTC deal then this is the site I used:

If you want more info on the HTC Desire HD, then check out GSM Arena:

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