Should people retake driving tests?

It seems to me that a lot of people need to retake their driving test! I’m sure a lot of people would say the same about me of course, but it’s surprising how many drivers don’t seem to know the basics of the highway code. I think that there should be a rule which says we all need to retake our driving test every 10 years. Yes, it would be an annoyance and an extra hassle (not to mention top up driving lessons and the cost of the test would put extra strain on some people’s budgets) but surely it would prevent more accidents.

I think that although young people trained today for driving are prone to make a mistake when they first pass their test it’s difficult to argue that they aren’t trained to a higher level than people in the past. The test is generally a lot harder than it used to be. This means that there are lots of people driving around – especially older people – who either passed an easier test or didn’t pass one at all! That surely can’t be safe for the roads. Sometimes you wonder how someone can legally drive when you see some of the crazy things that goes on during certain times of the day on the roads.

I would hate having to retake my test but if it meant the roads were safer in general for all of us then I’d be willing to do it.

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