Getting Into House

House M.D. is a TV show I’ve been watching recently. I avoided it for a while – I tend to be a bit late getting to know some of the big shows – mainly because I didn’t understand how a show that seemed to be so repetitive could last for long. I think it’s in its seventh series now – that’s a long time to keep recycling the same formula of a difficult case, House is confused before coming up with a genius plan.

I decided to give the show a go anyway and I’m glad I did. I still do find some parts of it tedious, but on the whole the cases are always interesting. The side plots between the characters also works well – the stories are quite subtle but you end up caring about the characters more than other shows. All of them have good and bad sides to their personality, and there is no definitive good or bad characters.

I’m on series three at the moment and I still have some doubts about how the show can stay interesting for seven series. It’ll be interesting to see what happens – I’m guessing that the characters will start to take over a larger amount of time and the medical cases will be less important.

I hope it can keep up the interesting scripts though, because I’ve really enjoyed it so far and there’s nothing else like it on TV at the moment.

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