May 23

Super Injuctions And Twitter

It’s been all over the news this week that people are getting more and more angry about celebrities who take out super injunctions to stop people from knowing about a certain part of their private life. Not only do super injunctions stop the press from releasing certain bits of information about a celebrity, but they also prevent eth press from even talking about the injunctions which exist.

The problem is that it isn’t so easy to keep things under wraps today. In the past, if the press didn’t release information then there was no other way to get it out to the public. This obviously isn’t the case with the internet – especially on services such as Twitter. There is one footballer who’s trying to keep his name out of the spotlight because of an affair, but his name has been released on Twitter. He’s suing the service now, which I think was a bad move.

You aren’t going to stop people talking on the internet about you, but people forget about things quickly. If he’s just let the issue rest in a few months no one would be talking about it anymore. Instead, he is taking action against a service that simply can’t be policed in the way that celebrities would like, which is going to keep his name in the spotlight even longer and turn more people against him. I’m sure he probably took this action on advice from his legal team, and I think they gave him so bad advice on this one.